Thursday, May 9, 2013

Will a Straight Talk SIM card work with an unlocked Nokia Lumia 900?

Q. I'm planning on buying a Nokia Lumia 900 from amazon (unlocked) and was wondering if I could place a Straight Talk SIM card into it. My question is: Will it work? I know that their are some restrictions that don't allow you to use a phone with certain carriers even though it is unlocked. I heard that some new laws came out that prohibited using unlocked phones with certain companies or whaterver.

A. yes

its a GSM phone, and will work fine with Stragith Talk SIM card
and no, the laws that recently passed just says you can no longer unlock your phone yourself.

When will the Nokia Lumia 900 be released in Australia?
Q. Also how is the battery life and overall quality of the phone (if you had the Nokia Lumia 800 and want the 900), and is it worth it?

A. There is no release date from what i have read but if its over 200$ AUD then its not worth it

If I purchase a factory unlocked Nokia Lumia 900, will I be able to use it on Verizon?
Q. I've been researching, and every search result says that it would be incompatible, because the Lumia 900 is an AT&T phone. But it would not be an AT&T phone if it were unlocked, right? I would be purchasing the factory unlocked version, I would not be unlocking it myself. Thanks in advance!

A. The phone would never work on Verizon because the connection technology is different. Even though the phone wouldn't be AT&T anymore, it's still a GSM phone and GSM phones require sim cards to function. Verizon service only works on CDMA phones and there is no way to get a Verizon sim card.

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