Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is there an alternate way to increase Blackberry Bold 9790 headset volume?

Q. The increase volume button on the top right side does nothing while the lower volume button works. Is there an alternate way to increase the volume? I don't want to have to get it repaired if I don't have to. I have looked in the manual, used the help on the phone and searched online. They all only mention the button on the right side that doesn't work. Thanks for any help.

A. Nope, there is no other approach for this...

Good luck!

Why is an iPhone more expensive than even a Blackberry Bold despite the latter being more business-oriented?
Q. Also, which is realistically more practical, a Blackberry Smartphone or a Nokia Smartphone? Some of the advantages of the latter appear to be some providers offer unlimited push email for a quarter of the price of the former and cheaper 3G units. What is Blackberry's advantage?
For personal use?

A. It is obvious that thee BlackBerry Bold 9700 or 9650 are the more realistically practical choices for the enterprise due to BES. Yes, it is more expensive. If you'd like a cheaper plan on the company's side, consider BES Express. Keep in mind that BIS is also very useful for your personal email, wireless desktop synch or exchange but BES is always the government, hospital or enterprise choice. Also, the BlackBerry can even serve as your PBX when away from the office and you can share your notes and information wirelessly. BlackBerry Messenger is also rated faster than SMS in times of emergencies. The 9700 on 3G will allow you to simultaneously send and receive data whilst engaged on a call so this is particularly useful for those who need to stay on long conversations whilst multitasking with sending and receiving email, browsing the web for stock quotes, receiving new calendar data from the secretary about a new meeting or a meeting that has been moved up or cancelled, and even use facebook, twitter, linkedin or whatever social network.
The BlackBerry offers uncompromised instant and secure wireless delivery of email, pages, IM, valuable company information, contacts, notes, tasks and calendar information that can either be administered by your IT department or by yourself through the BIS site/email setup icon.

is there a easy way to transfer contacts from blackberry bold to droid on different companies?
Q. I have a blackberry bold 9700 for t-mobile, and i want to transfer all my contacts to a new droid i will be getting sometime in thsi week. Is there a easier way to transfer my contacts other than having to write them down? Because i know for same companies, you can transfer contacts at a local t-mobile or verizon phone.

A. From your Bold's browser, go to "" (take out the default www). Download the application Google Sync. This will allow you to sync not only your contacts, but your messages and your calendar to your gmail account. Once you get your droid - simply put in your gmail on the setup screen and you should see all your information sync to your phone.

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