Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to add music to the Nokia Lumia 900 without Zune?

Q. Alright, I just got my Nokia Lumia 900 cell phone and I was wondering if there is a way to be able to put music on this cell without using Zune?


A. I have done this... so I know it works.

Upload them to your free SkyDrive account via PC. It is FREE, if you need to sign up for one.

Then go into the marketplace and download the FREE SkyDrive app. You can either stream the music from SkyDrive... or download the files to your phone.


How do you download pictures from the internet on a Nokia Lumia 900?
Q. I recently got a Nokia Lumia 900. I would really like to download some pictures form the internet to make them my background. How can I do that (by saving them to the phone)?

A. press and keep pressing on the picture for a while and then you will have the option to download it
and from the setting place it as the lock screen image or from the camera roll
hope i helped :)
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Nokia lumia 900 When my screen goes to the low brightness setting it gets a purple tinge color?
Q. They announced that it's a bug doing this, and it shows up in about ten percent of phones. They say that there will be an update that fixes it but my phone says no updates are available. What should I do?

A. wait for the update also amoled displays usually have a bluish or purple tint.

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