Thursday, February 7, 2013

Are there any free windows phone 8 apps that let you text and make calls?

Q. I am thinking about buying a Nokia lumia 920 and was wondering if there are any free texting apps like text now or text plus on IOS.

A. I have a Nokia Lumia 900, and I'm currently using Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and Heywire (I only use heywire to send free text to people that don't have these apps or smartphones). It also has a very neat integration with my Facebook, so it has all my facebook contacts in my phonebook, and notifies me of facebook chat messages in the same way and place as normal text messages, which always comes handy as I have unlimited 3g.

I have never heard of "text now" or "text plus". Just checked in the Windows Phone marketplace and apparently textplus exists, but I can't download it because apparently you can only use it in the US and Canada and I'm in the UK... But heywire does pretty much the same thing.

Can you use a windows 8 phone without a data plan on the sprint network?
Q. I have a windows 8 phone and I want to use it as my normal phone for talk and text and music without having a data plan on sprint. Can I do that?

A. yeh you can
by buying the unlocked version of the phone
but in your case it's impossible since windows 8 phones aren't in the market and will be in the end of this month
so that means you don't have a windows 8 phone
you mean windows 7.x phone

Should I get an iPhone 4S or an Windows Phone 8?
Q. I can't decide between the iPhone 4S and a Windows Phone 8. Are the live tiles and metro ui easy to use? Which has better social networks integration? What about media? Gaming is not a problem because I have an iPod touch I use only for that.
Whichever I buy, I'll use it mostly for social networking, surfing the net, texting friends, watching videos on youtube and listening to music.

A. iPhone 4S has both Facebook and Twitter integration with iOS 6 update. Think of your iPod Touch and then think of having access to the internet and messaging and everything really all the time.

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