Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can an iphone 5 from verizon be switch over to a Canadian phone company?

Q. Im planning on buying an iphone 5 from verizon but im moving to canada next year so i wanted to know is it possible to switch it to a phone company over there?

A. If you do that you will have to unlock your phone. Which is very hard with the iphones. Also that would be voiding the contract and you will have to pay a fine to get out of the contract.. your best off buying an iphone with a carrier in canada or buying a unlocked iphone 5 from apple.com.

How much will an iPhone 5 cost with a verizon 2 year contract?
Q. I really want an iPhone 5, and I want to know how much it will cost me with a 2 year contract. I already have a Verizon account with a basic phone, and no upgrades available. How much will it cost monthly? Overall? Thanks [:
Sorry, I was a little bit confused. How much does the phone cost total monthly, including the Verizon wireless internet? I couldn't find it on google.

A. How much it will cost monthly depends on the plan options you take & how you use it within a month. Check Verizon's website about making one up & see.

How do you charge an iphone 5 without a charger?
Q. My iPhone 5 is fully out of battery and won't turn on, and I don't have my charger with me. What do I do? I've heard that rubbing it vigorously might help, but I don't know how long to do it and whether or not it will work with a completely uncharged iPhone 5. I need to know for sure that whatever I'm doing works for my particular model, the iPhone 5.

A. Okay what you do is follow these helpful steps.
1. Get Marker, chalk, paint etc.
2.Draw a pentagram on the floor
3.Perform a blood sacrifice. If you have like a little brother or sister, that will do.
4.Offer your soul to the devil
5.Chant bible verses backwards
6.Summon Satan
7.Ask Satan to charge your phone

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