Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to transfer contacts from blackberry bold 9000 to computer?

Q. My phone is hooked up to the computer and I already downloaded the Blackberry Desktop Software. I don't know what to do now. Please help me.

A. Click on DEVICE at the top right corner of the desktop software, then click on backup. This way you backup the contacts to your computer.

What size sim card does the blackberry bold 9000 have?
Q. Just ordered a Blackberry Bold 9000 and want to know if it's a regular size sim card or a micro sim.

A. Hello,

# Type of Packing : Plastic Bag
# Package Includes :
# Product Size : 3.0*1.5*0.3 cm
# Packing Information :

* Q'ty/Carton : 200 pcs
* Carton G.W : 1.800 kgs
* Carton Size : 20.0*20.0*8.0 cm

You can go through this link to know more about your sim card for BlackBerry bold 9000.

Call in Toll Free no : Toll Free: 1800-102-1113

How do you transfer contacts from a Blackberry Bold to a Samsung Galaxy S?
Q. I'd want to transfer phone contacts without using the sim card, bluetooth or manually copying. Is there any way to do this using software or sync? Step-by-step procedures would be appreciated. Thanks!

A. There is really no other way besides manually entering your contacts into the new phone or going to a mobile store and having them use their machine.
You can always go to Best Buy and have them use their genie(the transfer device) to put your contacts on the Galaxy S. I work with Best Buy Mobile and know if you come to us while we aren't busy we will more than likely be glad to help you out! =]

Hope this helps!

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