Friday, February 15, 2013

How do I deploy my app on windows phone 8?

Q. In Android I can develop whatever I want and just copy it to my device and install (without any extra payments). Is it the same simple on Windows Phone 8? I mean can I develop my app for my own device without publishing it to windows app store and without buying a developer license for $99?

A. See the guide here:

What are the new features of Windows Phone 8 Apollo?
Q. Windows Phone 8 is making waves in the tech industry and among windows customers and People. I'd love to know the new features Apollo 8 come up with other than the Mango 7.5.

A. mostly its specs windowsphone 8 will have all hifi specs which devices like galaxy s3 is having.also it shares cores with windows 8 so apps and games can be easily ported from windows 8 to wp8.also lot of features like nfc,smart glass,new xbox live,new services etc.its a long list.

How the hell do i turn auto correct off my windows phone 8?
Q. Its insanely frustrating when im trying to send a quick texts an then i hav to go back n fix wat the auto correct has done. Please could someone tell me how to turn auto correct off

A. Setting

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