Friday, July 26, 2013

Will i lose all the data if i sofware update on galaxy note?

Q. I want to update new software in my phone but im scared i will lose all my stuff on there, i never updated software on my phone since i bought it. So do you know if its a risk to update?

A. No you wont lose anything as it will only be the update of the phones own software

Is the iphone 5 graphics proceser better then the one in the samsung galaxy note 2?
Q. I know the note 2 is a beast of a phone but is the graphics proceser better then the one on the iphone 5?

A. Yes. The graphics processor of iPhone 5 is significantly more powerful than the Galaxy Note 2.

Check this link ""

"Moving on to GPU scores, we skip NenaMark 2 as most phones hit the 60fps limit and take a look at GLBenchmark instead. We ran the offscreen Egypt tests in versions 2.1 and 2.5 (720p and 1080p respectively).
Mali-400 is starting to age but it's still good enough to push out 720p graphics (the Note II's native resolution) at breakneck speeds. 1080p proves too much for it and while it beats the Galaxy S III (which also uses Mali-400) and the GeForce-packing Tegra 3 (almost two times), the Galaxy Note II still looses to Adreno 320 in the Optimus G and PowerVR SGX 543MP3 in the iPhone 5."

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