Saturday, July 27, 2013

what is the difference between the nokia Lumia 800 and the 900?

Q. i was going to get the nokia lumia 800 but now the nokia lumia 900 has came out, whats the difference? all i know is that the nokia lumia 900 has a front facing camera

A. Three major differences are-
Front facing camera.
Bigger screen.
LTE Connectivity (which brings very poor battery performance)
If your city has lte connectivity then you can look to upgrade, else no need.

IPhone 4s or Nokia Lumia 800? And when is the Nokia Lumia 900 out? ?
Q. Iv got iPhone 3GS and getting bored but it is a good phone but want a change. But I don't want to go for a different phone and think I have made a mistake. Which would u go for?

A. lumia 900 will be avialable within a month ,also price will be very much lower than 4s,these guys above are recommending 4s coz they never had touch a windows mango device in their life,iphone u.i is quiet boring also 4s was a big disappointment,you dont need to worry about apps within 2-3 months there will be millions of apps for windows,

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