Tuesday, July 16, 2013

when will the Motorola droid razr maxx come to the UK?

Q. This brilliant phone is out in the USA. When will it arrive in the UK?

A. I would say around April 2012...

Good luck!

Will a motorola droid razr m work on gsm networks in the uk.?

A. It depends on what network it was originally designed for.

If it's a GSM type (that takes a SIM) it should be OK.

If it's CDMA one - no SIM - then no.

Most phones have versions with the same generic name but different model or chassis numbers for different network versions and different memory sizes etc.

Without the exact model number you can't tell which it is.

It appears the American release of the Razr M is tied to Verizon, who traditionally use CDMA and phones that are not compatible with GSM networks. (First link).

The UK version apparently looks the same but uses different internal hardware - see the second link.

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