Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Should i get the samsung galaxy s3 or wait for the iphone 5s?

Q. I really like the s4 and its feature but the only 2 reasons I want the iphone 5s is because its a lot easier to use and secondly its even easier to get free apps.

If you owe a s4, could you tell me if its too big or not and does it fit in jeans, trouser, smart trouser pockets conformably. Thanks.

A. Go for the S4 you get full HD screen and tons of amazing features and getting free apps on android is so easy. Not sure how you are having problems with that.

How do you remove all of your google contacts from your contacts list on the Samsung Galaxy S3?
Q. I just want to show my contacts that have phone numbers associated with them. At the moment I have over 7000 contacts in the list, but only 300 or so have phone numbers, so I have to scroll through them all to find somebody I can actually call. Any ideas?

A. you can go to your Gmail account and remove contacts there, then it will auto sync.

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