Thursday, July 11, 2013

How can ı change the language of the keyboard on the galaxy note 2?

Q. I would lıke to change ıt to turkısh, anybody know how to do thıs/ıf ıt ıs possıble? Thanks!

A. Settings

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 an excellent Christmas Gift to ask for?
Q. Will it fit in my jeans' pocket? Or do I have to carry it with my hands everywhere I go if I don't bring a bag with me?

A. It will fit in your jeans back pocket. It could be in the front pocket but it will stick out and become uncomfortable when you sit down. In your back pocket it will also stick out a bit, but it won't fall out of anything.

How to change the download location from phone memory to external memory in samsung galaxy note 2 ?
Q. I have Samsung Galaxy Note II mobile phone and whenever I am trying to download anything from Play Store through my device the application by default get installed in my phone memory, so please help me out by telling me how to change the memory card setting, so that my application get installed in my external memory card instead of phone memory card.

A. I also have the Galaxy Note 2. I hate to tell you this but what you are asking can NOT be done. The phone is intentially set up to ONLY install Apps on the phone's internal storage and not the MicroSD card. Why?? Perhaps for security prevent people from pulling out their card MicroSD card and putting it into other phones and running the apps.

The only options you have regarding your MicroSD card is to either Format or Unmount the card. It's up to each individual app to really use the MicroSD card. Furthermore, you are limited to just storing media files (videos, music, photos, ring tones, wallpaper). However, the camera app will store to the card if it's there.

However, I must tell you that I discovered a flaw with the Note 2 regarding the microSD card. Samsung choose to call the phone's internal storage SDCard and use ExtSDCard to name the card you install. As a result, some apps like Dolphin Browser and Firefox mistakenly think SDCard is the external card you installed and won't point or use the MicroSD card at all. So your Download location is stuck with your phone's internal storage. A slight oversight on both Samsung and the App Developers.

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