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How much data would it take to upload a 5 min video to youtube shot on a samsung galaxy note 2.?

Q. I have 4g. Would it use alot of my data plan. Or i could switch to 3g but wouldnt that just use the same only slower.

A. I'm not exactly sure how savvy you are with your phone. What you need to do is go to the video file stored on your phone. You can use Gallery. Once you are at the file, click Details and it will tell you the exact file size. No one but you knows the the amount of data it will take because only you know the exact file size. It makes no different about the speed of your connection because the file size will already remain the same.

On my Galaxy Note 2, I installed a free app called My Data Manager. This app can help you manage and keep track of your data and wifi usages. I have mine set up with a widget with bar graphs showing all my usage during my Billing Period. It takes a little bit of time to set up... but once you do it's totally worth it. For example, you enter the days you have left in your billing period into the app it will match your plan. You also enter in the amount of data you are allowed each month. With my plan, I'm allowed 5GB, so I entered that into the app. Since I have WiFi at my house, I have the app only display DATA and WiFi (and ignore roaming).

Also, I have set up some data triggers and alarms to prevent me from going over and being hit with a huge bill. You can set up 3 different data alarms. The alarms I personally set up are as follows. The FIRST alarm will warn me if I reach 4.5GB in a month but will NOT stop my data... just give me a warning. The SECOND alarm will warn me if I reach 4.8GB in a month and will automatically STOP my carrier data until the next billing period begins. Now, the THIRD and final alarm I have will alert me if I transfer (up or down) 500MB in a single day. I created this alarm to protect me in the event my phone goes into some crazy data loop. I read about some guy with a faulty iPhone that had some kind of data lock and wouldn't stop doing the data...

What's the best way to back my galaxy note up now?
Q. I need to send my galaxy note off to orange as the usb port is playing up, it keeps thinking its on charge when its not, so i would like to back it up in case they send me a different one back.

However, kies will not work on my computer, I've tried all sorts, but Im thinking of trying kies air, can this still back my whole phone up?

If not, what would you suggest i do?
Obviously, i want to carry as much data from my current phone over as possible.

A. I"m not exactly sure what your problem running Kies is... you didn't say... but the thing is.. most backup solutions don't really work unless your phone is rooted...

What you could do is try a combination of different backup apps. From my PC experience... some backup programs only work once in a while.. .and even the good ones will fail once in a while. I use Norton Ghost on my PC and it's worked many times... but once it did fail on me.

Also, here is another idea you can try. Connect your USB cable to access the phone's folders.. and just make a copy of everything .. phone and MicroSD card... onto your computer as another backup. If all else fails with your other backup recovery attempts... you'll still have all your data... and you can just copy them back onto your new/fixed phone if necessary. So you won't lose any of your media files. One thing to take into consideration is... you shouldn't be sending a phone in to be serviced with any personal data on it anyway. So if you have SMS/mail messages stored on your phone... you should delete them.. as well as photos.. You do realize that if anything "questionable" is found on your phone... it could be used against you... that included any drm-free movies or "images".

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