Friday, July 12, 2013

If i take iphone 5 to india will it work?

Q. I am planning to Buy Iphone 5 from UK and take it along with me to India, Will it work there.

A. If you buy a factory unlocked iPhone 5 and you are able to get a SIM card in india (you may need to find someone who has a SIM card cutter as the SIM cards in the iPhone 5 are nano-SIM)

Is a contract iPhone 5 covered by Apple Warranty for the first year?
Q. I bought a iPhone 5 handset from Gumtree which was someones "unwanted" upgrade from 3. But now the speaker has just packed in. Is the phone covered by Apple since it's still obviously under a year old?

A. Yes you do get a 1 year faults warranty BUT, as you were not the original purchaser you encounter problems.

Best thing to do is just contact the customer support team tell them the speakers broken and arrange a pick up, if your luck they won't ask for proof of purchase as the phone is new to the market and if they do then maybe just say yup I'll send it with the phone as I need to check my records, but when you send the phone include nothing but a return address.

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