Thursday, July 25, 2013

Windows 8 Phone:Does anyone have the 3g icon when connected to wifi?

Q. Am i using 3g when connected to Wifi? It certainly looks like it!

A. all phones that have Mobile data (3G or 2G) and wifi connected at the same time,
will use the Wifi in preference - as it is cheaper.
if the wifi is lost, it falls back and uses the mobile data.

but you have to have an indicator that tells you if 3G or 2G is available
not least because normal calls and texts still go over 3G (it is not only data).

Can you use a Microsoft Windows Phone 8 as a modem with laptop which has windows 7?

A. You can use any Windows Phone running 7.5 or higher as a wi-fi hotspot provided you have a data plan that supports it. Your laptop will need a wireless internet adapter which, I cannot imagine it wouldn't already have.

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