Sunday, February 3, 2013

How much should i sell my Galaxy Note for on Ebay?

Q. Im planning on switching to the iPhone 5, I wanna know how much to sell my Galaxy Note on Ebay for.
Its in great shape no scratches,cracks,etc.

A. Depends if it's white or black, and what's the storage capacity.

If Black and 16GB, around 400$.
If White and 16GB, around 450$.

Good Luck!

What phone has the most sales out of the Galaxy Note 2 and Iphone 5?
Q. Just wondering what phone has sold the most and exactly what phone is a the the top of the market right now.

A. i think the best phone out there is galaxy note 2

How much does it usually cost to reset my galaxy note or any other phone?
Q. Theres some problem with it and might need to be resetted at the official samsung shop.. how much does it usualy cost?

A. nothing

you just hold down the one of the volume buttons and turn on the phone, it will prompt you if you want to do a factory reset.

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