Saturday, February 2, 2013

What features of iphone 4s will work after the contract expires?

Q. i'm planning to buy a iphone 4s that comes at $199. So i was wondering what features will work after the initial contract expires? I live in india but i will be visiting US in a few days, so i was thinking of buying the phone in US as it is a little cheap. I dont plan to use it as a phone for long, i just want to use it s features. So if anyone could tell me what features would work after the contract expires?

A. You can do exactly the same on every iphone 4S it doesn't matter if its under contract or not!
What does makes a difference is if its jailbroken or not! and for the time being Its impossible to jailbreak an iphone 4S with the latest firmware (5.1)

$199 is the price under contract which you won't be able to get if you are not a US resident.

How much does iPhone 4S charge you for international calls or texts?
Q. How much will iPhone 4S cost if I make an international call to someone in Dubai?
How much do they charge for such a call? And can you receive international texts from, lets say Dubai, on your iPhone 4S and still be charged? How much will the iPhone charge you if you reply back to the international text?
If you have an iPhone or a blackberry what's the best cell phone carrier plan for international calls and texts?

A. The iPhone doesn't charge you anything. Your cell phone carrier charges you for international calls and texts. How much depends on your carrier.

How much will the iPhone 4S cost without an upgrade when the iPhone 5 comes out?
Q. I have an iPhone 4 that I've only had for about 10 months, so I don't qualify for an upgrade, but I want to get a 4S. What is the estimated price on the 16GB model without the upgrade?

A. Actually its cost vary from $450- $750 as the according to design and your user plan. You can take the item within $500 as it works quite well.

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