Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Is buying Windows Phone 8 is Good Decision?

Q. I am looking to buy Nokia Lumia 520 but my friends are telling "don't buy Windows Phone its not Good" So I am really confusing what to do. Please share your suggestions.

A. Hi there,

The reason your friends are advising against the Lumia 520 is probably due to the amount of apps available. Android has a lot more apps than Windows Phone. However, the Nokia Lumia 520 is the best phone at its price point. It has the most responsive touchscreen ever. It has Facebook, Twitter, Xbox, Office and Skype built in; plus HERE Maps (for navigation) and Nokia Music (for completely free and unlimited music mixes). It has the best antenna reception, comes in great colours and its really enjoyable to use.

Hope this helps

P.S. HTTsQuAd is lying. He has never had a Windows Phone; because Pandora only came out last week, and it was free.

How the hell do i turn auto correct off my windows phone 8?
Q. Its insanely frustrating when im trying to send a quick texts an then i hav to go back n fix wat the auto correct has done. Please could someone tell me how to turn auto correct off

A. Setting

What manufacturer produces the best windows phone 8 devices?
Q. HTC, Nokia, Samsung ....?

A. my preference: samsung ativ s, lumia 920, 820. Samsung preferred over 920's pureview technology because of it's super amoled screen by which a windows phone looks amazing. Htc has only design and looks as its usp so not much excited.

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