Friday, May 10, 2013

Can a Samsung Galaxy Note work be flashed to Metro PCS?

Q. So I'm planning on buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 and I was wondering if I will be able to flash it to Metro PCS. Is it possible to do that?
Also, is there a difference between the International version and the US version.

Oh, and is $180 a good price for one of these?

A. The difference is the radios inside. Also why would you flash to metro. Their network sucks balls

Does the samsung galaxy note II let you listen to music in the music player while on the internet?
Q. Also, is there a jailbreak or something to where I can see and post iphone emoji's on social websites like twitter from the samsung galaxy note II?
do i have to root it for the emoji question i had? is so, please explain how..

A. Yes mines do :)

Im not sure if you may have to root it. I know there are plenty of apps that allow you to use iphone emojis but i just got my note II last month and i have not tried to get iphone emojis.

Is an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 2 compatible with a chinese service provider SIM card in China?
Q. I am thinking about buying a Note 2 for my father, who works in China. I am just worried that it might not be compatible with the service providers in China. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

A. Hi, any unlocked phones, device are acceptable in any carrier and network. Unlocked means your device are no longer stays in one network, it opens to all network. If you are using in China or any areas, just buy a simcard there, and a temporary number for use locally. It may nort be able to tranmit emails, browse the web, however, for voice and text should not carry an issue. Web browsing, internet must go with a plan. So, no worry, go ahead buy a simcard there when you are in China.

Cellullar Technical support guy. Thanks for asking.

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