Saturday, May 25, 2013

What is better the blackberry curve or the blackberry tour from us cellular?

Q. i was going to get one of the two phones and was wondering which one overall would be best to get.

A. The curve is much much better because my friend has a tour, and it freezes a lot.
so i think you should get the curve :) x

What is the latest blackberry curve that is out?
Q. Is it the blackberry curve 8520 or is there a newer one?
If there is a newer one what does it do that the blackberry 8520 doesn't?
also when is the new blackberry curve coming out?

A. The latest GSM Curve (T-Mobile, AT&T ect) is the 9300 3G

The latest CDMA Curve (Verizon, Sprint etc) is the 9330 3G

How much is a Blackberry curve without a contract?
Q. I already have a two year contract, I'm just trading in the phone. How much is just the Blackberry?

A. The new Curve? It would cost around 200-300 depending where you buy it.

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