Friday, May 17, 2013

How much does a blackberry curve on alltel cost?

Q. I want to get one in November when my plan is up. Does anyone have one/know how much it costs, with the blackberry service added in? Is it worth it?


Can i use a blackberry curve only for texting and calling?
Q. im with fido. all they tell me is i must have a data plan. im not planning to use any data or internet though. would anyone happen to know if they will charge me? i have the phone im afraid to activate it on my sim card however. i dont want to be charged for using no data!

A. hey!
well fido came out with blackberry curve on feb.23rd,
and it comes with the option of a data-plan ad on!

so you don't need to get data if you're not gonna use it.
you can go onto, and it has all the information.

Whats the difference between the blackberry curve and blackberry rim?
Q. I am intrested in both but would like the pros and cons and features of both and which you would recommend!!!

A. There is no such phone as a Blackberry RIM

RIM (Research In Mortion) is the company that makes Blackberrys

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