Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What are pros and cons of galaxy note vs galaxy s3?

Q. I'm getting a new phone in two weeks and am ditching my iPhone 4S. I generally only use my phone for Internet and texting. Almost never talk as a phone. I Skype quite a bit and like to watch movies. I'm leaning more toward the Note but would like to hear from people who actually own the phones not paid tech sites.

A. Hi, I own a Galaxy note and am looking to upgrade to the Galaxy S3.
Personally, it's great for watching videos, but it heats up after awhile and that's not really appealing, and with the upgraded core in the Galaxy S3 system I suppose the heating would be reduced? Also, the watching video while texting is also a huge pro if your looking to skype while watching videos which I do occasionally.
I would say get a Galaxy S3.. The Next Big thing is already here! :)
Cheers, Sam

How much should i sell my Galaxy Note for on Ebay?
Q. Im planning on switching to the iPhone 5, I wanna know how much to sell my Galaxy Note on Ebay for.
Its in great shape no scratches,cracks,etc.

A. Depends if it's white or black, and what's the storage capacity.

If Black and 16GB, around 400$.
If White and 16GB, around 450$.

Good Luck!

How long should I charge my Samsung Galaxy Note II for the first time?
Q. How long should the initial charge be? I have been charging it for at least 2 hours and 15 minutes. How much left should I keep it on charge until I turn it on? It is currently at 100%.

A. if its at 100% it won't charge any more, you can stop charging it
smartphones are smart chargers, when they hit 100% they stop the charge process.

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