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How long should the Samsung galaxy note 2 take to charge?

Q. Idk if im being paranoid but it seems like my note 2 is taking longer to charge. From 15% it took around 3 hours to get to 96%. Is that norma or is my phone taking too longnto to charge? .

A. I also have a Galaxy Note 2... and the time it takes depends....

Are you plugging in your phone directly into a wall outlet or into the USB Port on your computer. From my experience, it's quicker if you use the wall outlet.

Another important factor is this... Is your phone turned on or off during the charge. You do realize that if it's turned on.. the charge will take 2-3 times longer because the phone is currently active and in use. One trick you can try is to put your phone into Airplane Mode if you need a faster charge. That will turn off all internal radios. Another trick you can try would be to go into your Notification Screen (swipe down from any home screen)... and select Power Saving Mode. ..that will reduce power consumption and allow your phone to charge faster.

Also, I noticed the Note 2 is very power hungry (when I first got my phone). I went into the settings and made some adjustments... mostly with the S Pen... now my phone usually lasts 2.5 days between charges.

What is the difference between the samsung galaxy note 2 and the samsung galaxy s3?
Q. I already know that the samsung galaxy note 2 has the s pen and a bigger screen.

A. the note 2 (in the US) also has a quad-core processor vs the S III's dual-core
and better battery life

the international versions both had quad-core processors, but wasn't quite as fast (note 2 was 1600mhz, vs the S III's 1400mhz)

Is an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 2 compatible with a chinese service provider SIM card in China?
Q. I am thinking about buying a Note 2 for my father, who works in China. I am just worried that it might not be compatible with the service providers in China. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

A. Hi, any unlocked phones, device are acceptable in any carrier and network. Unlocked means your device are no longer stays in one network, it opens to all network. If you are using in China or any areas, just buy a simcard there, and a temporary number for use locally. It may nort be able to tranmit emails, browse the web, however, for voice and text should not carry an issue. Web browsing, internet must go with a plan. So, no worry, go ahead buy a simcard there when you are in China.

Cellullar Technical support guy. Thanks for asking.

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