Friday, May 24, 2013

How do you block numbers on a blackberry bold?

Q. I have uscellular (idk if that makes a difference) and the newest blackberry bold model, is there any way to block numbers? If so how? Anything is acceptional, thank you!

A. it depends, you probably have to dial it before the number, like in new york you dial *67. before the number and it blocks.. if you want your number private you should call the company your with such as "T-mobile, Verizon, AT&T"

How can I print my text messages from my blackberry bold 9900 from tmobile?
Q. I need the complete conversation that is on my phone now, to be printed out as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

A. Screenshots?

Copy/paste into email and print at a computer?

How do you type swedish letters on a blackberry bold 9700?
Q. I am interested in buying a blackberry bold 9700, but i live in sweden and they don't sell that model yet. So I was wondering if you could write with swedish letters if you buy the blackberry in for example london?

A. you can use swedish characters on the blackberry 9700 (other models too as far as i know)

you can get Ã, Ã, and à characters on your blackberry. it's pretty simple too, let's use à as an example:
you would have to hold on the A button and scroll the trackpad until you get Ã. you can do that with the other letters and you will have swedish characters as well as other ways of using that letter

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