Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What does a white notification light on a Motorola Droid Razr mean?

Q. As you can tell, i have the Motorola Droid razr. My phone died on my with full battery and when I plug it it in, a white notification light appears, but the phone won't turn on at all. What is wrong with my phone?

A. It does this when there is not a high enough voltage to complete the boot up sequence. That means it is probably a charger or battery issue unless something else in your phone is zapping your power.

How do you turn off the notification lights on the Motorola Droid Razr?
Q. My device was recently updated to Android 2.3.6 and there isn't an option that I can locate to turn off the LED notification light....my notification sound doesn't bother me but the light constantly flashes all night long and is annoying. I have searched forums but could only find resolutions for the Xoom tablet. Any help would be greatly appreciated =)
Ever since updating to 2.3.6 there is no phone setting, there is a call setting but its not there either.

A. Visit the notification settings under the phone settings and disable the lights on the phone...

Good luck!

How much does a Motorola - DROID RAZR 4G 16GB Memory phone cost per month approx?
Q. This is the first phone I am ever purchasing and I am just wondering about what would be the average price per month for one.

A. Assuming you are getting an individual plan you are looking at (this is the most common plan):

450min (Unlimited Nights, Weekends, and Vz to Vz) = $40 / month
Unlimited Texting = $20 / month
2GB (it may have changed to 3GB) of data = $30 / month (this is not the most expensive but the average usage)

= $90 / month + tax (18-20% for Vz)

Price of phone will vary depending where you go. I suggest Costco. They are 99% of the time the cheapest.

Note: Do not forget there is a $35 activation fee (one-time) and you pay sales tax on the full retail price of the phone (Retail Price @ VZ Store = 550, Costco Wholesale Price = 250)

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