Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why is my Nokia Lumia 900 not picking up my voice in a call?

Q. I have recently purchased the new Nokia Lumia 900, and It's a great phone. Just today, when I called someone, I couldn't hear anything. They didn't hear me, and I didn't hear them. It was no different on speaker phone. I tried to restart the phone, but it did nothing. I can't find out what to do to fix this problem, so any suggestions would help. Thanks.

A. you can take it to AT&T store,they will repair it.it might be network or software issue.

What color should I get the Nokia Lumia 900 in?
Q. Either cyan, or white. I really don't like the black one.

A. white looks good to me...

but its yours personal choice

How to sign out of Live on the new Nokia Lumia 900?
Q. I just got this phone and I signed in on the wrong account, can someone tell me how to sign out and re sign in on the Nokia Lumia 900? Thanks!

A. Click "Log off"...

Good luck!

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