Monday, June 10, 2013

What price will the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5 be during Sprint's after christmas sale?

Q. I have an open contract and am looking to upgrade to the iPhone 4s or the iPhone 5. After Christmas these places normally have huge sales on phones, and I don't know if it will be worth waiting or not for the sale. An iPhone 4s with a 2 year agreement currently is 100 dollars, and an iPhone 5 is 200 dollars. What will the go down to during the sale?

A. Theres never a sale on iPhones. And the price never goes down on an iPhone until a new model is getting ready to debut.

I need an iPhone 4S or 5 camera adapter for taking pictures using a microscope, what do you suggest?
Q. I'm taking a microbiology lab and I would like to take pictures with my iPhone for lab reports and such. I know I can take pics with just the phone but you need a really steady hand and sometimes the pictures come out blurry. I know there's adapters and lenses that attach to your iPhone that can view through the microscope oculars so you can take pics. I'm looking for the type of lens, NOT the mini microscopes that attach to the iPhone, just the lens. Being that I'm a college student, I'd like something affordable as well. Thank you, I appreciate your help.

A. Hmm.. I don't know about a microscope but Olloclip has a micro lense that takes pretty good pictures close up. Check that out!

How long does the iPhone 4S battery last if the phone is off?
Q. I'm going to a summer camp for 8 days and was wondering if i should take my iPhone with my cuz there might be nice stuff to take photos of etc. I wasn't planning on keeping it on almost at all, only when i need it. So does the battery hold?

A. 2 days max if you have it airplane mode and not using it to play games or stuff like that. If you will be turning it off and on only when you want to take pix (not videos) then it will most probably last the 8 days your going. Have fun!

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