Friday, June 21, 2013

How to close running apps in windows phone 8?

Q. Hello,
I would like to close my twitter app on my Lumia 920, but when I hold down the back button for multitasking, I can't figure out how to close an app. Does anyone know how?

A. keep on pressing on the back button
till you open the multitasking then after that press on the twitter app
when its open keep on pressing the back button
and that way you will go back to your start screen
and you will close the app
hope i helped :)
if you need any more help or got a question you can email me at
and btw the lumia 920 is an amazing phone are you happy with it?

How do I deploy my app on windows phone 8?
Q. In Android I can develop whatever I want and just copy it to my device and install (without any extra payments). Is it the same simple on Windows Phone 8? I mean can I develop my app for my own device without publishing it to windows app store and without buying a developer license for $99?

A. See the guide here:

What is the difference between windows phone 7.8 and windows phone 8?
Q. I can't tell the difference at all between the 2 phones. Both of them look the same especially the tiles and the rest of it. So what is the difference? I heard that windows 7.8 can't be upgraded to windows 8 and why is that?

A. High end Windows 7.5 can only upgraded to Windows 7.8 & not W* as you state
ALL Windows 7.5 do NOT have micro-SD expansion

Windows 8 allows a phone to have BOTH micro-SD expansion and Dual Core processor

An [unknown] Windows phone that HAS micro-SD expansion is therefore a Windows8
though they're some W8 that by design do NOT have micro-SD eg Lumia 920

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