Saturday, June 8, 2013

What is better the blackberry curve or the blackberry tour from us cellular?

Q. Im going to be getting a new phone from us cellular and its going to be a blackberry. So I was wondering which blackberry is better overall the curve or the tour.

A. I would absolutely go with the Curve over the Tour. The Tour seems like it was rushed and there are quite a few problems with it.

The Curve is a much more stable device.

How much is a Blackberry curve without a contract?
Q. I already have a two year contract, I'm just trading in the phone. How much is just the Blackberry?

A. The new Curve? It would cost around 200-300 depending where you buy it.

What is the latest blackberry curve that is out?
Q. Is it the blackberry curve 8520 or is there a newer one?
If there is a newer one what does it do that the blackberry 8520 doesn't?
also when is the new blackberry curve coming out?

A. The latest GSM Curve (T-Mobile, AT&T ect) is the 9300 3G

The latest CDMA Curve (Verizon, Sprint etc) is the 9330 3G

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