Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How long does the iPhone 4S battery last if the phone is off?

Q. I'm going to a summer camp for 8 days and was wondering if i should take my iPhone with my cuz there might be nice stuff to take photos of etc. I wasn't planning on keeping it on almost at all, only when i need it. So does the battery hold?

A. 2 days max if you have it airplane mode and not using it to play games or stuff like that. If you will be turning it off and on only when you want to take pix (not videos) then it will most probably last the 8 days your going. Have fun!

How much does an iPhone 4s cost if you already have another contract?
Q. I want an iPhone 4s for Christmas but I already have a phone and my contract isn't up for another year. My parents wanna know how much it will cost for the phone total.

A. who is your service provider. Call them for details about iphone replacement if its allowed with the same contract.
You have to cancel your current contract and make a new contract. Now you can check it yourself what are difference between new contract fee and what you going to loss if you drop your current contract.
Best way is to call on their help line.

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How to take my iPhone 4s to Europe and not get charged internationally?
Q. I'd like to take my iPhone 4s to Europe to use as a camera but I have no need to make international calls/inter country calls. If I remove the sim card will that take care of the problem?

A. Removing your sim card allows your phone to be fully functional in a similar way to the iPod touch. No calls/texts/data, however if you connect to wi-fi you can use internet and apps e.g. Facebook. So yes, removing your sim card is the right way to go to avoid getting charged and you may still have full access to your camera and music!

Hope that helped! :)

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