Saturday, April 27, 2013

What is better to use iphone 5 or blackberry?

Q. So I'm planning to buy iphone 5 or blackberry. But the problem with blackberry is that after a while it starts to hang up often & it gets so annoying. I have had 3 blackberry's in the past, but only because its poor system I dont like it otherwise its keypad and everything is good. So I dont know now like which one to use. What blackberry u guys recommend & which one is the latest/best one? Also how's iphone 5?

Please let me know. Tips/advices are welcome!

A. A android phone like Samsung Galaxy S3 is better.

How can I decide between the Iphone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy s3?
Q. I have no experience with either phone nor any smartphone for that matter. I am not considering the price difference. I would just like to compare things like speed, picture quality, battery life, etc..

A. This might help:

How do I remove movies from iPhone 5 without deleting it from iTunes?
Q. I bought a couple of movies off of my phone's iTunes. I want to remove them from my phone because they take up too much data, but I'd like to go back in the future and add one of them back on to watch. So the question is, how do I remove movies from iPhone but keep them on my iTunes?

A. Swipe to the right or left with the film selected on your iPhone. This removes it from your iPhone but not from your iTunes library. If you delete a rented film, this will permanently remove it from your account and it cannot be re-downloaded on to your computer.

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