Friday, April 12, 2013

How do I prevent my Samsung Galaxy S3 from disabling mobile data, when it goes into sleepy mode?

Q. I use my Samsung Galaxy S3 as a mobile wireless hotspot for my laptop. The problem is, when the phone goes to sleepy mode, it disables the mobile data, therefore I lose the connection to the internet on my laptop? How do I keep the mobile data active even though the phone goes to sleepy mode? Thanks.

A. Keep it from going into sleepy mode, by setting the screen timeout to the longest setting, and touching the screen once in a while. Keep it plugged in so the battery doesn't run out. If you need mobile data on your laptop that much, maybe you should get a 3g or 4g adapter instead of using the phone.

How long should I charge a Samsung galaxy s3 for the first time?
Q. I have been trying to figure out how long to charge this phone for the first time but keep getting different answers. Some say completely drain the charge it comes with then charge for 8 hours but others say dont even turn it on just charge it for insane amounts of time. I just want to do the right thing because i want this phone to last so if you dont know for sure please dont answer. Im hopefully looking for someone who talked to Samsung itself because i dont know how and dont want to pay money to get an answer from their question website. Thank you.

A. This has nothing to do with Samsung but rather lithium ion batteries in general. From what I understand, you charge it all the way up (no insane amounts of time, just till it says full) and do not charge it until it is screaming for you to plug it in. You have to do this for 3 cycles as it establishes the "memory" for the battery. After 3 cycles you can pretty much do as you please.

BTW This holds true for laptop batteries as well. A lot of the reason they go bad is because a lot of people never unplug them and therefore the battery never cycles.

How do you turn on email notifications on samsung galaxy s3?
Q. Can anybody help me find how to turn ON email notifications on my smasung galaxy s3. The email does not refresh automatically, only when i enter the email app. Please help me!

A. Try deleting your email account then go into the icon labeled, "Email" again. You set it up (username and password). It checks for incoming and outgoing servers. It should bring you to a page where it gives you an option to be notified when your email arrives every hour, 5 minutes, etc. You can choose how often you want to be notified.

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