Sunday, April 7, 2013

How is the iPhone 4s different from the iPhone 3gs?

Q. I had the 3gs up until it broke and just saved enough to replace it with the 4s... What are some main differences that I can expect (besides cosmetic differences)?

A. Siri new updates tweakes (glitching fixes ) more stable updated etc

How does your iPhone 4s internet works with a prepaid sim?
Q. I just bought an iPhone 4s but I don't want to start an subscribstion(abbonement, don't really know how to say it in english).
Can I just buy an prepaid sim for it? And how will it work? Do I have to buy a certain amount of credit every month? Or buy a special iPhone prepaid sim if that exist?
I live in the Netherlands btw.

A. You should be able to. It depends on what type of plan you get how exactly it will work. Some plans require you to pay a certain ammount every month as if you had a contract (subscription) only you can stop any time. These plans can also include data so that you can get on the internet depending on how much you want to spend a month. If not you can still get on the internet but only when in range of a wifi network which I did for years and worked fine.

Some will have you put money on it and charge you per minute, text message sent, and megabyte of internet page you load which is generally more expensive than the first way. A regular prepaid sim will not fit in an iphone however as it takes a mini sim. If they dont sell them at the store I believe you can have someone "cut" your sim down to size for you.

What features of iphone 4s will work after the contract expires?
Q. i'm planning to buy a iphone 4s that comes at $199. So i was wondering what features will work after the initial contract expires? I live in india but i will be visiting US in a few days, so i was thinking of buying the phone in US as it is a little cheap. I dont plan to use it as a phone for long, i just want to use it s features. So if anyone could tell me what features would work after the contract expires?

A. You can do exactly the same on every iphone 4S it doesn't matter if its under contract or not!
What does makes a difference is if its jailbroken or not! and for the time being Its impossible to jailbreak an iphone 4S with the latest firmware (5.1)

$199 is the price under contract which you won't be able to get if you are not a US resident.

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