Sunday, April 28, 2013

How can I decide between the Iphone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy s3?

Q. I have no experience with either phone nor any smartphone for that matter. I am not considering the price difference. I would just like to compare things like speed, picture quality, battery life, etc..

A. This might help:

How to uninstall and remove cyanogen mod 10 for the samsung galaxy s3?
Q. Help, i just installed and flash the cyanogenmod 10 jelly bean 4.1.1 for my galaxy s3. But i wanted to return to touchwiz. How do i reverse this?

A. 1.) Reboot into recovery and restore a nandroid backup.
2.) (if you did not make a backup before flashing) go to your local and find your phone and download a touchwiz or a stock rom and then boot into recovery and flash that.
3.) if you need me to walk you through the process, PM me in xda-developers, i'm wolfbeef123

How do I stop Android Apps from running in background with Samsung Galaxy S3?
Q. Each time i start my cell phone, i have a ton of apps automatically running in the background.
(facebook, camera360, weatherunderground, etc)
I havent even opened these apps up yet, and they are active and running.
I go to each active running app, then hit STOP, but mins later it will start back up.

I made sure all notifications on each app were turned off, but it didnt help any.

Is it normal for all the apps just to keep running like that at startup? I think its draining my battery life. Maybe i should just delete the apps so that i dont have to buy spare batteries.

A. Hold down the home button and swipe away the apps

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