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How long does it take to update a windows phone to windows 8?

Q. I have a Nokia Lumia 900. On the computer it has two bars and it says updating phone. One is just scrolling and the one at the top (of which now im not even sure is a bar :/) hasn't moved. Please wait while we determine of disk space required to complete the update is what it says imbetween the two. I am kinda on a time stretch so yah thanks, Mh

A. you cant update any wp7 to wp8
you will be getting the wp7.8 update which bring many of the wp8 features
some of those features
are the new start screen
bluetooth sending support
skype integration and many more
and the update still isnt available it should be soon
hope i helped :)
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How do I upgrade to Windows Phone 8?
Q. I have a Windows Phone with Windows Phone 7 is there any way for my to update it to Windows Phone 8?


Follow the link it will give you the answers that you need. Hope it helps you a little.

Will the windows phone 8 apollo upgrade come to windows phone 7.5 mango devices like samsung omnia w ?
Q. Shall i buy samsung omnia w windows phone 7.5 ? Or wait for windows phone 8 or will the 8 upgrade come to this phone ?

A. All the current devices will be capable to run WP8, but u have to know there are (or will be ) two "versions" of Windows Phone. High performance, and low performance.

Your Omnia is High performance and will be able to run it without problems. But I recommend you to choose a device with more capabilities and features like thee Lumia 900 or the HTC Titan II. Which have front face camera :) Remember Skype is an app now, but it will be integrated into the OS as facebook is now.

WP8 will have support for multicore processors, so the new phones will gonna come with multicore and probably more ram.

Also all the apps running on WP7.5 will run on WP8. So dont worry about this.


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