Sunday, April 14, 2013

How does your iPhone 4s internet works with a prepaid sim?

Q. I just bought an iPhone 4s but I don't want to start an subscribstion(abbonement, don't really know how to say it in english).
Can I just buy an prepaid sim for it? And how will it work? Do I have to buy a certain amount of credit every month? Or buy a special iPhone prepaid sim if that exist?
I live in the Netherlands btw.

A. You should be able to. It depends on what type of plan you get how exactly it will work. Some plans require you to pay a certain ammount every month as if you had a contract (subscription) only you can stop any time. These plans can also include data so that you can get on the internet depending on how much you want to spend a month. If not you can still get on the internet but only when in range of a wifi network which I did for years and worked fine.

Some will have you put money on it and charge you per minute, text message sent, and megabyte of internet page you load which is generally more expensive than the first way. A regular prepaid sim will not fit in an iphone however as it takes a mini sim. If they dont sell them at the store I believe you can have someone "cut" your sim down to size for you.

How much does iPhone 4S charge you for international calls or texts?
Q. How much will iPhone 4S cost if I make an international call to someone in Dubai?
How much do they charge for such a call? And can you receive international texts from, lets say Dubai, on your iPhone 4S and still be charged? How much will the iPhone charge you if you reply back to the international text?
If you have an iPhone or a blackberry what's the best cell phone carrier plan for international calls and texts?

A. The iPhone doesn't charge you anything. Your cell phone carrier charges you for international calls and texts. How much depends on your carrier.

Can the verizon iphone 4s be hacked in any way to work on virgin mobile?
Q. I know i'd have to wait until the iphone comes out on virgin, but can it be done?

A. No. Virgin does not permit flashed phones.

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