Monday, January 21, 2013

How can I make my Galaxy Note 2 resize files that are to big to text?

Q. My old droid 1 used to be able to. But when I try to send a video or even a pic it just says it is to big.
Won't give me the option to resize it so it can be sent. Is there some setting or app somewhere to fix it or am I going to have to put the vids and pix on my pc then on to my ancient droid 1 to send? Seems kinda silly.

A. archive the file with a app. Download that app and use 7-zip and put compression at ultra. Also the person recieving it needs a depression tool. OR you can just e-mail it to that person.

How to change a cracked screen on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2?
Q. Hey i broke my screen on my note 2 and i need to fix it. the touch part still works fine and everything its just the glass that's broken. If anyone could help me i'd be grateful. i tried searching for it but i could never get a straight forward answer. Thank you again!

A. Here is the complete disassembly/assembly guide from

When will the galaxy note 2 price drop for Verizon wireless?
Q. My upgrade isn't until feburary 12 and I want the galaxy note 2 it's priced at $299.99 my mom finds it to much so when will it drop down to about $199.99 please help.

A. Usually the price will drop when a newer model of the same type of cell phone comes out. Hopefully by February 2013 the price will drop down.

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