Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How much did you pay for your iphone 5 including taxes?

Q. So i know there's one for $200, $300 and $400. The more expensive the phone the more GB it has. If you bought you phone how much did you pay including taxes? Did you buy it on launch day? Did you wait in those ridiculous lines for a week? Are you planning on getting one soon or when the price goes down? Or are you not going to get one at all b/c your current phone is all you need?

A. i hate apple products

What is the difference between a FAKE china made iphone 5 and a REAL healthy iphone5?
Q. Im gonna buy a iphone5 from someone who not around my city
he will ship it.So how do i know its a fake or real iphone5?

A. If you are not paying with Paypal or paying through a site like eBay or Amazon, you should be very careful with buying it. Ask the seller to send you the IMEI of the device and you can run it through an online IMEI checker.

How to remove scratches from aluminum on iPhone 5?
Q. I've been waiting for my back screen protector to come in the mail.Of course it somehow gets scratched a day before it arrives. It's got a small scratch on the apple logo portion. Any tips for how to remove the scratch or at least make it less visible? I'd like to do so if possible before adding my screen protection. Thanks in advance.
Alright, how do I blend it/make it less noticeable altogether?

A. dear home recipe is that ,
you should have to rub the portion after laying some toothpaste ( after it will became dry ) then sweep it away.
It will make that area clean free of dirt ..
Otherwise take a polish which is commonly used to clean a laptop etc ...

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